How to stream f(x)’s #첫사랑니 (Rum Pum Pum Pum) on MelOn

I thought international fans cannot stream MelOn but I was wrong, actually we can! so I made this tutorial to help you guys stream f(x)’s songs on MelOn to help f(x) stay on the chart longer!


Step 1.  Go to MelOn >>

Step 2. Click 회원가입 to register a new account


Step 3. Click 일반 회원가입 and check all then click nextstep2


Step 4. Fill out the forms


Step 5. Choose as below and check your e-mail


Step 6.  On your e-mail, click to confirm the registration


Step 7.  It will bring you back to MelOn site, click 확인


Step 8. All your registration process has been finished. You’re MelOn member now.

Next, please log in.step8


Step 9.  Go to this link

Scroll down and check all songs and click 듣기

Step 10. Download the MelOn player, install and the songs you chose will be played on the MelOn player


It’s a bit confusing but I believe there’s nothing f(ans) can’t do to help our girls achieve the best things.

Please credit @KBNye | when you take this tutorial out


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